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Here's what happens when you put together a group of creatives and strategists and give them your business goals and ambitions. They Elevate. They make noise. They build brands. We Build Brands. CONTACT US

About Elevate Agency

Born in 2020, Elevate is creatively-led marketing & events agency network with affiliations and professionals working across Palestine, Egypt, and the UAE. Our vision? To simply elevate brands to have more impact and meaning towards a greater target audience. This comes with the constant mission of creating powerful, modern-day communication that connects with a consumer on a personal level to help give our brands the thriving potential we know they have.

How Do We Elevate Brands?

It’s all about the work and our creative workforce behind the scenes. Competition is fierce, but we welcome it with open arms. We shift consumer behavior by implementing our strategic pillars in the very core of everything that we do at Elevate.

Insights-driven Strategies

Leveraging untold insights and thinking long-term with clear KPIs and objectives.


Creativity is What We Do

Using creative solutions to amplify our marketing strategy. Not just colorful designs. We’re talking in-depth concepts that resonate with the target audience and strike a core.



Through our marketing strategy, we start to understand our target, and we work our magic to create powerful creative connections that our audience strives for.



Finally, results! With the right combo of strategy and creativity, we can make your brand stand out.

Elevate Services

Strategy & Planning

We help brands with a detailed and long-term marketing strategy that serves as a guideline for our direction.

Marketing Management

We execute the marketing plan with with an agreed-upon scope of work, and with monthly retainer fee.

Marketing Campaigns

Campaign creation & execution including creative communication and production.


One-on-one consultation with our team of experts to discuss your marketing & business development plans, and how you can enhance them to drive business growth.

Event Management

Events are not just equipment. We always take into consideration your brand identity, look & feel, & a theme capable of taking everyone on an imaginary journey.

Business Development

We study your business strategy including product quality, offers, customer service to enhance customer retention and increase sales.

Portfolio & Case Studies

ALNayzak & UNICEF Regional Campaign

Campaigns / Creative / Production


Creative / Strategy

ALShomou’ Mall

Creative / Interior / Strategy
Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Agriculture

Creative / Production


Creative / Production / Strategy

Aiad Creative

Creative / Print

Elevate Team

Director of Photography

Omar Roshdi


Director of Photography and Film Director with more than 15 years of experience.

Managing Director

Shadi AL-Asmar


A creative strategist who prizes “return on investment” just as much as “thinking outside the box,”.

Business Director

Ruba AL-Asmar


An expert with 7+ years of international experience who leads our business strategy to ensure clear alignment of business and marketing objectives.

Creative Copywriter

Ahmed Tarek


A creative copywriter and storyteller who can compel, convince and convert target customers.


Rami AL-Asmar


A business development and events management expert with 10+ years of experience in global & multinational companies.

Art Director

Issam Rayess


Art director with previous experience in working with top regional brands like: Expo 2020, Lego, Volkswagen and Sony.

Video Editor

Nour Halabi


Video producing expert with 10+ experience in video production, motion graphics, 2D, 3D and VFX.

Voice Over Artist

Rama Muhanna


A voice over artist who worked with Nestle, Flake, Lux, Mercedes-Benz and others.

Elevate Blogs

Enjoy reading our latest blog posts and resources on marketing and advertising.

Happy Clients

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